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Flower Mound Educational Preschool

Kids R Kids and our Flower Mound educational preschool helps equip children with the tools they need for a productive lifetime of learning ahead of them. This age is an important one in the grand scheme of a child’s development. The foundation that is laid right now will be the groundwork they stand on as they head to kindergarten and beyond

That’s why Kids R Kids and our educational Pre K in Flower Mound TX works hard to provide an enriching, engaging and highly effective experience for the children that we work with.

With our educational preschool in Flower Mound TX, we provide programming for children that encourages development in all the key areas of their academic life, including:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Creative
  • And more

At our Flower Mound educational preschool, children have access to a broad range of programs that touch on each of these areas of development — from singing to running around and playing games.

The programming at our educational Pre K in Flower Mound TX is fun for kids. We disguise our curriculum as good-natured playtime. The children are focused on having fun but, at the same time, learning valuable lessons and developing.



A staff that truly cares

Whether it’s our pre-school or kindergarten in Flower Mound TX, we have teachers in the building that are trained, qualified and passionate about what they do. We work hard to exceed the level of education that children would get in a traditional school so they are put on the right path moving forward.

Come see for yourself. Kids R Kids is open for free tours and our Flower Mound educational preschool staff would love to meet with you and talk to you more about how we set kids on the right path to a lifetime of learning.

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