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Flower Mound Montessori Schools

Kids R Kids Learning Academy has taken an approach to education that is similar to Flower Mound Montessori schools. This is a model that has proven to yield great results in terms or providing an individualized education for the boys and girls in the system.

Kids R Kids could be considered a Montessori daycare in Flower Mound TX that provides children as young as six weeks old with a fun, engaging educational experience. The children are simply focused on fun, but as they play, they are engaging in activities that promote cognitive, creative, social and physical growth.


The benefits of our Flower Mound daycare

With a wide range of child care programs in Flower Mound TX, our approach to the education process is a little different than the traditional school. Like Flower Mound Montessori schools, Kids R Kids emphasizes:

  • Treating children as individuals. This means allowing them to learn at their own pace and discover what they are passionate about.
  • Creating a close-knit, loving community. In today’s public school system, teachers are asked to completely remove themselves emotionally from their students. It’s far different at our Montessori daycare in Flower Mound TX, where our staff is loving and nurturing.
  • Freedom for our children. With our child care programs in Flower Mound TX, kids are provided with very loose boundaries which allow them to explore, while staying on the same general path as classmates.
  • Instilling independence. Children in Montessori schools and our program are taught to think and act independently.

See Kids R Kids in action for yourself and discover how closely it is related to Flower Mound Montessori schools. Contact a member of our staff and we can help you schedule a tour of our facility and a meeting with our faculty members.

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