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Some fun activities for teaching your Flower Mound preschooler about numbers

Posted on 08-11-2014


Create visual art using numbers

This is a great way for preschoolers to begin recognizing different numbers, and just about any form of visual art can be used. One way to do this is to give your preschool child a number and ask him to draw, paint, or sketch it. This will allow him to become familiar with how the number looks while he has fun with art.

Connect the dots

This activity teaches your preschooler about the importance of numerical sequence and helps her learn to count, while making a picture. You can find some examples here http://www.activity-sheets.com/connect_dots/ or make your own, such a star pattern to illustrate the numbers one through five.


Measuring is another good activity that aids your child with units of measure, as well as the counting and sequencing of numbers. Allow him to measure something – this could be anything from a pencil to a box – and have him count how many inches the object is in length.

Make use of number cards

Find or make some flash or playing cards with different numbers on them. Have your child try to identify the numbers that you hold up. This will aid in her ability to recognize the different shapes of each number. You can also teach her numbers, and how to play, with the card game UNO.

Count things

Whether you are in the car or in the supermarket, you can get your preschooler to count things he sees. He could count anything from red trucks on the road to people wearing blue shirts in the supermarket. This is another great sequencing activity that will get your child excited to count.

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